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Alex de Oliveira Reis


Rua dos Trapistas, 24, Planalto
Belo Horizonte - MG

(31) 9 9609-6037

Professional Experience

Emccamp Residencial September 2020 - Nowadays

Analyst/System Developer
  • Mobile Systems (Android)
  • Web Systems (.Net Core, Silverlight)
  • Services (REST/SOAP in .Net)
  • Processes and Adapters for BPM(Fusion - Java)

SFA Group may 2019 - august 2019

System developer
  • Mobile development (Android, Flutter)
  • Web development (Java, JPA, Angular)
  • Service development (REST/SOAP in Java)

Biomtech Facial Recognition Solutions outubro de 2018 - maio de 2019

Development Analist
  • System development for TJMG - FaceJus
  • System development for municipal schools (FaceSchool) - Android/IOS/WEB

Std¹ DS + TI october 2017 - may 2018

  • System developer for the crop irrigation market
  • Website development

Vox Populi setember/2005 - may/2016

Project manager
  • Data processing
  • Development of systems for data collection and processing.
  • Management, maintenance and optimization of databases
  • Developer team management, support and data processing.
  • Implantation of development departament
  • Setup company to new tecnologies and ISO implantation.
  • Team coordenator
  • Deployment of BPM / ERP system

Vox Populi january/2004 - setember/2005

Freelancer Programmer Development of systems for data collection and processing.

Wi3 Webdesign may/1999 - dezember/2004

Programmer / Webdesigner / PartnerDevelopment of sites and web systems.

Free-lancer graphic designer 1992 - 1997

Graphic designer
  • Newspaper design to several groups and unions.
  • Monthly, weekly and daily publications.

Some developed systems

  • Data collection systems:
    • Typing
    • Tablet
    • Web
    • CATI (Computer Auxiliated Telephonic Interview)
    • Facebook/Twitter
  • Sample calculation systems (with logistic analysis)
  • Survey creation systems
  • Data collection follow-up systems
  • Data check-up and correction systems
  • Fraud detection systems
  • Data processing systems
  • Report generation systems
  • Geoprocessing systems
  • ERP systems
  • Scheduling system
  • E-commerce
  • Tools for social networks
  • Facial recognition systems
  • Profit distribution systems
  • Apportionment of costs systems
  • Contractors Quality and Control Systems
  • Data Collection App
  • Integration systems for multiple platforms and API's


  • System analysis
  • Development of desktop systems (.NET, C#, Java, C++, Delphi, etc.)
  • Development of web systems (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, ASP, ASPX, .NET Core MVC, Ember.js, AngularJS, etc.)
  • Desenvolvimento e gerenciamento de Bancos de Dados (MySql, MsSql, Oracle, SQL Server, etc)
  • Development of apps for mobile devices (Android, IOS, Windows, Firefox OS, etc.)
  • Team management - Agile methodology (SCRUM, PMI-ACP)
  • Business process management (BPM, ERP)
  • Ad-hoc networks
  • embedded systems and communication / diagnostic protocols (ISO 9141 e ISO 14230, KW2000, etc.)


Computer Science July/1998 - July/2002

Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais (PUC-MG)

Civil Engineering January/2004 - June/2005

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)Cursed to focus on eviorement and geoprocessing disciplines. Unfinished.

Others courses

Ad-hoc networks(DA Computação / PUC-MG)

Agile development metodology (SCRUM)(UFMG)

Distributed systems(UFMG)

Platforms and frameworks for development(Several places)

Android app development(Framework System)

Shaping Up with Angular JS(Code School)

Fusion BPM(Neomind)


  • Native Portuguese
  • Fluent english
  • basic Espanish


  • Develop team and process optimization solutions (solutions developed could be software or not depending on the problem);
  • Manage teams to produce with agility and produtivity;
  • Manage processes, optimizing the business production;
  • Availbility to travel;
  • Home office


References available upon request.